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Business Strategy

The Global Leader of Mechanical Engineering Solution
Growing company associated with the customer

Infinitely challenging to develop new technologies, By growing a company specializing in precision driving Unit, To make Our life become more convenient and safe
    • Creative People
    • Professional People
    • Innovative People
      Growth PowerㆍInnovative Power
    • For customer satisfaction,
    • For the customer's needs,
    • For working with customer,
    • Customer-focused company
    • Settlement of reasonable, innovative corporate culture
    • Settlement of talented people based management (Human resource development, Resource management, Resource cultivation)
    • Settlement of High-performance, high-efficiency business environments
    • Settlement of management that contribute to the development of society
    • Settlement of innovative corporate culture
    • Secure advanced technology
    • Focusing on new product development
    • Three main zero defects (technology, quality, service)