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The actuator is a mechanical device used to move and control systems
It means a mechanical device that converts the input energy for any kind of movement
(linear motion or rotary motion).

Depending on the type of energy source, it is classified into three types as pneumatic actuators,
hydraulic actuators and electric actuator.
Electric actuator receives the power from the electric motor and then converts to a linear motion or rotary motion
according to system requirements.


Customer-Specialized Products
To meet the different requirements of the customers, It is possible up to design, development, production, assembly and testing
High Accuracy
Gear grinding machine, screw grinder, etc., it can be possible to implement high-precision products by equipped the latest precision machinery. Especially, it can be minimized the backlash through the high-precision machining.
Compact, Lightweight
Implement the Compact and lightweight products through the optimized strength design by using design software.

Identification System(P/N)

AC 36 0 1 P 2 - A11 - AD4716K
① Actuator Symbol
② Reduction Gear Ratio
③ 01
④ Type (Planetary : P, Spur : S, Customized : C)
⑤ Gear Stage (1~3)
⑥ Accuracy Grade (AGMA : A, KS : K, JIS : J, DIN : D)
⑦ Customized number

Main Products

  • Type
    Rotary Type   
    Special Feature
    Reduction Ratio : 46/1
    Backlash : 5 arcmin.
  • Type
    Linear Type
    Special Feature
    Reduction Ratio : 3/1
    Moving Speed : 172 mm/s
  • Type
    Linear Type
    Special Feature
    Reduction Ratio : 2/1
    Moving Speed : 90 mm/s
  • Type
    Linear Type
    Special Feature
    Ball Screw Shaft Diameter : Ø10.0
                  Lead : 3.0mm
                  Backlash Below : 0.08 mm
    Reduction Ratio : 6.77 : 1


Performance Test System

The tests such as engine performance, the driving performance of the vehicle conduct in order to understand the performance of the machine.
The developed system or system component or software program can ensure that achieve the required target value for the items, such as response time, processing amount, processing speed etc.

Backlash / Torque / Rotation Angle / Rotational Speed Test

The test to control the input and measuring the backlash / Torque / Rotational Angle / Rotational Speed with calibration the output stage