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Optimization Design / Test & Evaluation

Since KIM’s establishment on the basis of our own high-precision gear design technology, we have successfully conducted research and development projects of high-speed gear box and defense industry products, and also consistently pursuing our development and serial production business with High-speed turbo gear into civilian business, ball screws and roller screws. Through this, we have comprehensive R&D capabilities and engineering skills such as Gear Numerical Analysis of Train, Bearing life prediction and Test evaluation from parts Manufacturing to Performance and environmental testing.

Modeling and gear strength analysis Gear train gear strength analysis and bearing specificity Analysis

Simulation Structural analysis, deformation, load analysis by the finite element shape.

Core technology

  • Gear designed in accordance with the operating conditions

    - Optimized design technology through the demand gear ratio, gear train
        design and life time calculation according to the driving power
    - Bearing selection and lifetime expectancy according to the weight, rpm
        design and load conditions
  • Lubrication system design according to the operating conditions

    - Cooling system selection considering the temperature changing
    - Lubrication system selection according to the operating conditions
        (flooding type, injection type, etc.)
    - Lubrication system design such as flow rate, nozzle diameter, etc according
        to the lubrication formula